DC Vendor GPL DaaS using Aegir, AWS, Chef

NASA Aegir-based: Drupal As A Service

DC Vendor GPL DaaS using Aegir, AWS, Chef

2015.nyccamp.org, United Nations

Aegir Summit Launch 2015

2015.nyccamp.org, United Nations, Aegir Summit Launch

Aegir Camp Open Camps United Nations

Aegir Camp Open Camps United Nations

Aegir Camp Open Camps United Nations

Planet Scale


Self Hosting


    NASA Aegir-based Drupal As A Service

    Valkyrie to Valhalla

    Aegir-based devops Vagrant to AWS.

    Aegir VPS using Ansible roles

    Ansible Aegir VM 

    Aegir Hosting System

    The Aegir Hosting System is built with a Drupal front-end, Hostmaster distro, Drush in the back-end with Provision.  The Aegir Hosting System is production ready and hosts Drupal 8. 

    Aegir Read the Docs

    • Drupal 6
    • Drupal 7
    • Drupal 8
    • Drupal + CiviCRM

      GPL Free Software

      Site Cloning, Migrate, Backups

      Public, Private, Prem, Hybrid

      Government & Enterprise Class

      LAMP or LEMP Stack

      Clusters, Multi & Remote Servers

      Community Ownership Model

      Flexible GIT & Drush Make Workflows

      Self Hosting Drupal & CiviCRM

      Self-hosting Drupal websites with Aegir: a production ready and stable ecosystem that today runs 300+ websites for NASA, a Stanford government nuclear physics lab, international democratic institutions, universities, non-profits and ecommerce networks for business. 

      • Aegir
      • Drupal
      • CiviCRM
      • Drush

        Aegir Support Cooperative

        The Aegir Support Cooperative is a service-provider cooperative founded to provide support services for the Aegir Hosting System. Members include most active Aegir maintainers, and a number of long-standing community contributors.


        Development of the Aegir Hosting System began back in 2007. In that time, an eco-system of users, module developers, contributors and core maintainers have grown up around it. In July 2015, at the inaugural Aegir Summit, Richard Stallman met with Aegir Project leaders, and suggested offering support services as a measure to ensure sustainability of the project.

        Aegir: A Drupal-As-A-Service Secret Weapon

        Aegir: A Drupal-As-A-Service Secret Weapon

        Creating a Site Production Line with Drupal & Aegir

        DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014: Spidersnet Infinity: Creating a Site Factory with Drupal & Aegir

        Aegir Summit, hosted by nyccamp.org & United Nations, New York City

        The Aegir Summit is a mini-event hosted within the New York Camp, nyccamp.org, which is hosted within the United Nations, New York, New York. 

        nyccamp.org is a small, intimate, technical event, of world class, and is hosted within United Nations headquarters in United Nations Plaza.